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Welcome to the april2008 campaign website.


April 2008?

Sometime in 2007, a call to decentralized actions in support of squats and autonomous spaces was issued, proposing to join forces in April, 2008, for a few days of direct actions, public demonstrations, building occupations, open celebrations of our struggles and counter-cultures… in a desire to bridge our energies, and use a common determination fighting our local situations.

More background information can be found in the .

What happened?

A tremendous amount of actions and initiatives took place, in at least 95 places, located over 26 differerent countries. A great diversity of tactics were used, ranging from banner drops to sabotage actions, along with street theatre, exhibitions, food not bombs, parties and discussions. Still, the april2008 week-end was predominantly filled with demonstrations, Reclaim The Streets and squatting actions!

A is available, as well as more detailed accounts of specific actions in the section.

« but I don’t speak english! »

The initial call for the decentralized days of action is available in 18 different languages on the website. Unfortunately, we couldn’t afford translating everything. While we have tried to update the english section with everything available, we wish other language sections to be as complete as possible, for non-english speakers not to be discriminated against.

However, we can’t do this alone. If you have translating skills, feel free to join the translation group, by subscribing to the .

What’s next?

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